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Tips for Watching Tonight's Presidential Debate from Gurus

Tips for watching the Presidential Debate

From Gurus

How to prep for the presidential debate from Gurus

Tonight’s Presidential Debate is sure to be a big to do, with emotions and tempers running high on both sides. But despite the tension, there are key points being discussed that affect us all. We won’t tell you which side to choose or who to vote for, but we can give you some tips for watching the debate that can help you get the most out of it.

Get Comfortable in your OM

Whether you are literally watching from your home or not, centering yourself with a few grounded OMs can make a big difference. Ground yourself and remind yourself of your connection with the much larger universe with this sacred reverberation.   Centering yourself can help you disassociate yourself from the candidate that you might already be supporting and watch them from a much more objective viewpoint. Staying objective during the Presidential Debate can help you better understand why you support this candidate and their stances on important issues.

Keep it positive

We all care deeply about the issues being discussed so it’s understandable that emotions can get out of check. When you are faced with someone who is worked up, or taking the opposite view point, treat them with love and keep it positive. Then sit back and watch it take effect. You’ll be amazed what can happen when you keep it positive and give love.

This is why we started our Gandhi for President movement.  We are forming a peaceful party of Gurus who want to see peace in our time.  Whomever you vote for this election, come join the party for peace with Gurus.  You can follow us @gandhiforpresident 

Try to gain a new perspective

Yup – we mean inversions. We’re going to talk literally and figuratively in this point. Literally we mean practice some inversions before the debate begins. Monday’s are long days and can be draining. Inversions are naturally energizing and can help you wake up and perk up before the debate. Figuratively we recommend that you place yourself in the viewpoint of someone who might disagree with you on an issue. This can help you to understand their point of view and therefore help you better communicate why you believe yours might be more positive or bring about more of an effect.


When undertaking a spiritual journey we are often counseled to journal, to record our thoughts and work through them, processing them and gaining more understanding. When making decisions about the fate of our country, its economy, its inner and outer peace, they should not be made lightly. You are bound to have complex thoughts regarding the issues and the potential outcomes. Journaling can be a helpful tool in understanding which decision is right for you personally, and can help you better communicate the reasons why.

September 26, 2016

Finally a Political Campaign You'll Love to Promote

A Candidate You Can Dig

Gandhi for President


Kathryn Budig Digs Gandhi for PresidentSick and tired of political leaders who say one thing but do another? Who don’t seem too worried about you or your wellbeing? Well join us in the new campaign that everyone cannot get enough of….Gurus is writing in our own candidate this year. Gandhi for President!

All Joking Aside – The World Needs More Love

And who better to teach us the man who exuded love and worked tirelessly, giving of himself to share that love with others. Gandhi accomplished many great things, but he did all of them through love. Sometimes it feels like we are powerless to enact serious change in the world. But Gandhi taught us that small actions have the power to create big change. If you do everything through love, the world will change for the better.

So is this a serious thing?

While we can’t actually make the man president, we can use him as an example to teach others how to give love and be the change that we want to see in the world. By wearing this t-shirt or cap you are sending an important message to everyone that you encounter. You are telling them that love is the answer and there is a way to change the world for the better. So yes, this is a serious thing. It’s a movement that’s gaining momentum.


Will you join the movement?

You are an important part of this movement. We are asking you not to simply buy a t-shirt or spend your hard earned money with us. We are asking you through that purchase to join us in spreading love and peace throughout the world. Through wearing the shirt, or the hat, you are calling to people’s minds a great figure who changed the world through love and inspiring them to do the same. So join us, and this movement of peace, love and change.


Every purchase with Gurus makes a positive change in the world. A portion of our sales is donated to charities through the world to plant trees, promote sustainability and through charitable giving, make the world a better place. Your purchase with Gurus will not only inspire other’s to give love, to be the change for which they long, it will also make a physical impact on the health of our planet.

Drop us a note on our contact page and we'll ship you a kit of Gandhi Gear so that you can spread peace and love this election season. (US Only) 



September 23, 2016

Join Gurus and Become an Ambassador

Gurus Ambassadors

Inspiring the World One Post at a Time 

While traveling the country and meeting with yogis and yoginis of all types, we have built a pretty epic group of Gurus Ambassadors. These guys and gals are so epic that we want to share them with you. Over the course of the year, we will be featuring different Gurus Ambassadors on the blog, sharing their thoughts on yoga, wellness, living a natural lifestyle, travel, and all kinds of other great things.


Become a Gurus Ambassador


Who are our Ambassadors?

It’s incredibly difficult to sum up our ambassadors because they are all so unique – but we’ll try! Gurus Ambassadors are people who live an active and healthy lifestyle that embraces our core principles as a company. We want to work with active guys and gals that strive to get the most out of life, while also making this world a better place.   These are people that we’ve met who really go for the gusto, who share their passion with others and seek to promote our products because of a true understanding of what Gurus is and is striving to accomplish.


Who can become an Ambassador? 

Because we offer discounted products to our ambassadors, we ask for a couple of pieces of information in return. To become a Gurus Ambassador, we ask that individuals and pairs have a strong and growing social media presence, a following with whom they can share our products, information about the community and engage new followers as they travel the world.

What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

As a Gurus Ambassador, you join a colorful community of yoga instructors, meditation mavens, wellness experts and more. All ambassadors receive a discount on Gurus products and branded discount code to share with their fans and followers. As Gurus travels to festivals like Wanderlust, we engage with local ambassadors and bring them with us to the event. As a Gurus Ambassador, it means that we are investing in you – sharing information about who you are and what drives you on our blog, featuring your posts in our yoga blog posts series and more!

How do I become an Ambassador? 

If you think you’d like to become a Gurus Ambassador, there is a quick and easy form that you can fill out here on our website. We’ll review your information and let you know if we think that we are a great fit! After that we’ll establish your discount code and start planning ways that we can work together to make this world a more beautiful and vibrant place.

Gurus Ambassadors work to inspire the world with every social media post. They are actively giving of themselves to teach, share, coach and more. We are so honored to work with each and every one of our ambassadors, and we want to share more about them with you. In the following blog post series we will be bringing you featured ambassadors, sharing links to their profiles so that you can engage with them and learning more about what drives them!

September 06, 2016

With Gurus, Every Purchase Plants a Tree

Every Purchase Plants a Tree

Gurus works with Trees for the Future 

You hear us say it time and time again, “Every purchase plants a tree.” But have you ever wondered just how we are able or why we strive to do that? From our sandals, to our tanks, to our wish bracelets, not only is everything as sustainably sourced and as eco-friendly as entirely possible, but, they all plant a tree.   We take a portion of every sale and donate it to a stellar organization that is working to reforest the world.

Every Purchase Plants a tree

The Organization: Trees for the Future

After much research, many conversations and much deliberation, Gurus has chosen to work with an incredible organization called Trees for the Future, in order to plant our trees. We take a portion of every product that we sell and donate it to Trees for the Future. 

We appreciate your business, your choice to give us your hard earned dollars in exchange for our thoughtful products, and we want to make sure that we do right by you.  Trees for the Future allows us to do that. 



Well the first reason why we choose to plant trees is that we use these trees, and their natural resources to make our products. We want to make sure that replace what we take. The second reason is simple, it’s that we care. We care about the world and the way that we treat it. Trees for the Future does too.

Trees are an important resource and they're disappearing because for a number of reasons.  We're not okay with that.  They have the same desire to leave this world in better shape for the next generation, so that over time, we can see the world become revitalized.


The Mission: To Replant Heavily Deforested Areas and Educate Local Farmers

Trees for the Future works in heavily deforested areas of Asia and Africa to replant and replenish the trees. They do this for both the people and the environment, to help protect against landslides, drought, and protect the habit of wildlife. 

Along with planting the trees, and involving the locals in the planting efforts, Trees for the Future also educates local farmers and residents about sustainable practices. These farming techniques will help to ensure that these trees are allowed to grow and mature, rather than be cut back down again.

We are not solely focused on pedaling sandals or bent on selling yoga mats. Gurus exists to utilize ethical business practices in order to make a difference in our world.

August 09, 2016

Gurus Launches new Line: Gandhi for President

Gandhi for President

Because the World Needs Peace


New to the Gurus line of positive products is the Gandhi for President shirts and trucker caps. Soon we’ll have hooded long sleeves to add to the line as well. These shirts and caps have been getting a lot of love, and inspire a lot of questions, so we wanted to give you a glimpse into the inspiration and meaning behind these items.


Gandhi is arguably one of India’s most recognizable modern figures. But while many know of him, they might not be as familiar with his accomplishments. While Gandhi led a very multi-dimensional life, we choose to focus on his efforts to promote peace in the face of major injustices.


While Gandhi inspired the people of India to choose peace and love as the means to educate their oppressors about what they were doing, the world failed to learn. Still today people across the world suffer from violence, oppression, and a lack of peace. While Gandhi is no longer with us, his legacy for peace lives on.


We want to call to mind that legacy, the fight for peace, so that we inspire individuals to live more peacefully. We hope that these light hearted tees and trucker hats inspire people to be the change in the world, as Gandhi tasked us to do.


Grab a shirt or a cap and get ready to evoke smile, inspire questions, and spread love and peace wherever you go.


Tag us on social media @ilovegurus and @gandhiforpres and use the hashtags #gandhiforpres and #guruselfie – we’ll share your love on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

August 02, 2016

Get a Grip with Gurus New Cork Yoga Mat - Announcing the Second Generation

Get a Grip with Gurus New Cork Yoga Mat

Gurus Announces Release of the Second Generation Cork Yoga Mat

Just like the first time you try a new yoga pose, it can be awesome, but there is always room for improvement. This is the attitude that we apply to all of our products, and we look to our customers as our gurus. When you use our products and have feedback, we become the student and actively listen.  You can view the mat specifications in our store here.

What Hasn’t Changed:

The Quality 

Our mats are still the highest quality cork and rubber possible, meaning that the mat is still supple and supportive, gripping you every bit as much as you grip it. Cork is the perfect material for yoga mats as it repels moisture, creating a better grip as you sweat. Let’s face it, unless you’re practicing Yin, who doesn’t sweat in yoga? The practice itself is designed to raise your internal body temperature through the sun salutation.


The Cleanliness 

Cork is still the top layer of the mat, which comes into contact with your sweat. You might think that because of this, the mat needs cleaned like any other yoga mat, but cork is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Recycle those mat cleaners or give them to your friends who haven’t yet purchased our cork yoga mats because you won’t need to spend money on them any more.


The Sustainability

Our cork and rubber is still all-natural and sustainably sourced. In addition every purchase continues to plant a tree and provide education on sustainable farming techniques and practices in areas where it is most needed.


What Has Changed: 


More Flexible 

We’ve switched up the ratio of cork to rubber, using a thinner layer of cork and a thicker layer of our all-natural rubber. The result is the perfect combination of grip and support, while gaining added flexibility. The cork is thin enough to allow the mat to roll up tighter and be more pliable than our first generation yoga mat, but thick enough to still provide the same grip as the first generation.  This added flexibility makes traveling with the mat easier.  

Ultimately, we've taken all the benefits of our first mat and packed in a few extra. You can get the new mat here

August 01, 2016

Mountain Pose - Don't Forget Your Roots

Mountain Pose

Don’t Forget Your Roots

In this series of blog posts we are breaking down different yoga poses and walking through how to build them from the tips of your toes, to the top of your crown. That’s right, we’re focusing on building yoga poses from the ground up for a strong and sturdy foundation! We kicked off the series with Don’t Forget Your Roots, an intro to the idea. Now we continue that series with Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Build your yoga poses from the ground up - Don't forget your roots

Tada! Mountain Pose or Tadasana is one of the first poses we learn when we begin a yoga practice. Every time I think of this pose, I’m reminded of a five year old that I was teaching yoga. The moment she achieved the posture, she exclaimed “Tada!” with such joy.   While Tadasana might be considered a beginner pose, it is not an easy pose. There is a lot going on in this pose as it incorporates many different joints and muscle groups.

There are many benefits to practicing mountain pose. It is a foundational pose for so many others in our practice, even the more advanced postures like headstands! Mountain pose is calming, and is a great alternate pose for conscious breathing. Continued practice of the posture can help strengthen any joints in the feet, ankles and muscles in the legs and torso. The pose can help to improve your posture as well, making it a great break to take at different times during the workday to counteract that computer slouch or hunch.

Build your poses from the ground up

To practice Tadasana or Mountain Pose, come into a standing position with feet placed together. If this is uncomfortable or causes strain, try stepping the feet shoulder or hip distance apart or opening the heels slightly so that the toes are touching and feet are at an angle.   Taking variations of poses or postures is a great way to honor your body and go only as far as you are called to in this moment.

Check in with your feet. Lift the toes and slowly lower them down to the mat. Try this a few times, or doing so one foot at a time. Walk your feet out in place, lifting the heel of one foot and then the other. Come back to stillness in the standing position and notice a change in the feet. Your feet might feel more connected or rooted to the mat. They might feel more relaxed or flatter. You might also notice your toes spreading apart. That’s awesome! In yoga we talk about the four corners of the feet – one on either side of where your toes sprout from your feet, and one on either side of the heel. All four should connect with earth in these standing postures.

Movin’ on up

Draw your shins and thighs closer to each other. If you’re standing with feet apart focus on aligning these areas of the body, there might be some rotation in the thighs for example that’s needed to align the body. Typically you’ll hear instructors tell you to lift your thighs. I had no idea what that meant until one day it just clicked. Try to engage your quads and hip flexors, you may notice a bit of that “lift”. Engage or tighten your glutes. You’ll notice a slight tilt of the pelvis in doing so. Be careful not to tilt the pelvis or curve the spine too much here. A neutral position is what we’re striving for.   Take a moment to notice the alignment of the ankles, knees and hips and draw these into a straight line.

Told you there was a lot going on in this pose! You’re almost there.

Draw the tummy in, like your belly button is striving to reach your spine. Roll your shoulders up and back, allowing them to slide into place. Draw the tops of the shoulders down away from ears. Arms are down at the sides, radiating out slightly or in Namaste. Take whatever position is calling to you today. 

Lift the chin so that it is parallel to the floor and reach up through the crown of the head. You’ll notice your neck feel a bit longer here. Eyes can be open and gazing at a spot on the floor in front of your mat, or if you’d like to challenge your balance closing your eyes can do so. Focus here on your breathing. Standing tall gives the diaphragm lots of room to move, giving you the ability to really take in a deep breath and draw it down towards your belly.

Tada! You’ve achieved mountain pose. Favorite this post to come back to mountain pose throughout your day and you’ll be on your way to better posture, better health and better yoga.


June 22, 2016

Don't Forget Your Roots

Don’t Forget Your Roots

Why it’s important to build your poses from the ground up

Why did we put Don’t Forget Your Roots on our mats? It’s more than just a clever Hashtag, It’s a meaningful reminder to stay grounded, take care of your feet and to build strong and sturdy yoga poses from the ground up. Staying grounded, it’s a way of life. Taking care of your feet, well that’s a way of health.   And building your yoga poses on a sturdy, supportive foundation, well’s a fundamental of asana (the physical or posturing limb of yoga). 

Why it's important to build your yoga poses from the ground up - I love Gurus

Don’t forget your roots!

Stay Grounded - Staying grounded has a lot of different meanings to a different people. For Gurus, it means staying connected to nature, maintaining a bond with a force beyond ourselves. The earth is a gift and we are its stewards. Through our efforts to plan one million trees, we keep ourselves connected, grateful and stay grounded.

Take Care of Your Feet – We’re not sure if its all of the modern ways to get around or a lack of toe touching abilities but more and more we are noticing that people are neglecting to take care of their feet. They might not seem like it, but feet are an important part of your body. Holding tension here can cause or increase tension else where in the body. Before yoga, before bed, take some time to take care of your feet. Stretch out the muscles and tendons, manipulate the feet to massage them and move them around a bit! We also highly suggest that you stop cramming them into uncomfortable shoes and try a pair the encourage health *cough, cough*

Take care of your feet in yoga with Gurus

Build Strong and Sturdy Yoga Poses – In the many standing poses, seated poses, transitions and even some poses where your feet aren’t touching the ground, they play an important role. When we first start practicing yoga we are taught to pay attention to our feet, to relax them and engage the entire foot as a sturdy platform to build upon…but as we step off of our mats or mature in our practice, we tend to for forget our feet. Don’t forget your roots! We are creating a series of blogs posts to focus on the importance of your feet and why it’s important to build your poses from the ground up.

Build Strong and sturdy yoga poses with Gurus

June 20, 2016

Taking a Seat: Chair Pose

Chair Pose, or Utkatasana, is a great pose for strengthening your thighs, ankles, calves, and spine. Utkata means powerful, or fierce, but sometimes we don't always feel Beyoncé fierce in Chair. So today I'll share with you some Chair pose basics as well as a fun and helpful way to use a block to modify Chair.



     You'll need one block for this. Don't have a block? That's okay! Just use something that is a similar size, like a book. Really focus on squeezing the block in between your thighs so it doesn't fall. Come into Mountain Pose, or Tadasana, taking your block and place it in between your thighs, about mid-thigh. Take a big inhale, reaching your arms up over head and as you exhale, bend into your knees, working your thighs towards the floor.

     Allow your weight to shift into your heels and make sure you can pick up all ten toes. If you cannot pick up all ten toes, work towards moving your tail bone down towards the floor. Continue to squeeze onto the block and notice if you feel any different sensations in the pose. Let your belly button pull in towards your spine and your shoulder blades to feel strong. Keeping your shoulders down and back away from your ears, focus on reaching your arms up high with your palms facing each other. If there is any pain with reaching your arms over head, try bringing your hands together at heart center and firmly press them together to continue to keep the arms active and building strength. Stay here for five to seven deep breaths, then take a Forward Fold on your following exhale.




June 15, 2016

Wanderlust or Bust

Wanderlust or Bust

Headed to Snowshoe for our first Wanderlust Festival!

Close your eyes for a moment…picture lush green mountains, beautiful lakes, warm weather and the largest and most vibrant yoga festival this world has ever seen. And right in the heart of it all, will be Gurus! We’ll be at the beautiful Snowshoe Mountain resort for our very first Wanderlust festival and we couldn’t be more excited about it! If you are in the area we hope that you will come join us! 

Why Wanderlust?

Why is a sandal company so excited about a yoga festival? For the first time, Gurus will be able to meet the vibrant people that make up the Wanderlust community face to face. We’ll be able to practice right alongside the incredible new people that we’ll meet and together we’ll be inspired, challenged to grow and explore.   Together we’ll be energized to go out into the world and make it a better place – which is one of the things that we hold most dear to our gurus’ hearts.

Sandals and Yoga

Its like a match made in Heaven right? Comfortable sandals can make you feel like you’re one step closer to Samadhi.   But that isn’t the only reason we are so in love with yoga. Like Yoga, Gurus were born in India. Just as yoga is rooted in tradition, we are based on a 5,000 year old design that has embraced by gurus like Gandhi himself. We are practitioners of the rich tradition and seek to incorporate its teachings into the various aspects of our life. The teachings of yoga inspire the products that we create, the way that we do business and are the reason that we are so focused on giving back. We strive everyday to be the change that we wish to see in the world. 

Gurus Merch

We’ll have Gurus merchandise available for purchase, and if you don’t have anymore room in your suitcase, you’ll be able to order with us online and ship our gurus gear right to your door. Each purchase of Gurus gear, helps us to give to back and make the world a healthier and more sustainable place to live.

If you are attending Wanderlust in Snowshoe West Virginia, please come visit us! We’d love to chat about your life, your yoga, and the ways that you strive to give love and to be the change that you wish to see in the world. Gurus will be attending additional Wanderlust festivals through the year so be sure to follow the blog and our social channels to learn about our next big adventure.

June 01, 2016