Get a Grip with Gurus New Cork Yoga Mat - Announcing the Second Generation

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Get a Grip with Gurus New Cork Yoga Mat

Gurus Announces Release of the Second Generation Cork Yoga Mat

Just like the first time you try a new yoga pose, it can be awesome, but there is always room for improvement. This is the attitude that we apply to all of our products, and we look to our customers as our gurus. When you use our products and have feedback, we become the student and actively listen.  You can view the mat specifications in our store here.

What Hasn’t Changed:

The Quality 

Our mats are still the highest quality cork and rubber possible, meaning that the mat is still supple and supportive, gripping you every bit as much as you grip it. Cork is the perfect material for yoga mats as it repels moisture, creating a better grip as you sweat. Let’s face it, unless you’re practicing Yin, who doesn’t sweat in yoga? The practice itself is designed to raise your internal body temperature through the sun salutation.


The Cleanliness 

Cork is still the top layer of the mat, which comes into contact with your sweat. You might think that because of this, the mat needs cleaned like any other yoga mat, but cork is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Recycle those mat cleaners or give them to your friends who haven’t yet purchased our cork yoga mats because you won’t need to spend money on them any more.


The Sustainability

Our cork and rubber is still all-natural and sustainably sourced. In addition every purchase continues to plant a tree and provide education on sustainable farming techniques and practices in areas where it is most needed.


What Has Changed: 


More Flexible 

We’ve switched up the ratio of cork to rubber, using a thinner layer of cork and a thicker layer of our all-natural rubber. The result is the perfect combination of grip and support, while gaining added flexibility. The cork is thin enough to allow the mat to roll up tighter and be more pliable than our first generation yoga mat, but thick enough to still provide the same grip as the first generation.  This added flexibility makes traveling with the mat easier.  

Ultimately, we've taken all the benefits of our first mat and packed in a few extra. You can get the new mat here

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