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Gurus Launches new Line: Gandhi for President

Gandhi for President

Because the World Needs Peace


New to the Gurus line of positive products is the Gandhi for President shirts and trucker caps. Soon we’ll have hooded long sleeves to add to the line as well. These shirts and caps have been getting a lot of love, and inspire a lot of questions, so we wanted to give you a glimpse into the inspiration and meaning behind these items.


Gandhi is arguably one of India’s most recognizable modern figures. But while many know of him, they might not be as familiar with his accomplishments. While Gandhi led a very multi-dimensional life, we choose to focus on his efforts to promote peace in the face of major injustices.


While Gandhi inspired the people of India to choose peace and love as the means to educate their oppressors about what they were doing, the world failed to learn. Still today people across the world suffer from violence, oppression, and a lack of peace. While Gandhi is no longer with us, his legacy for peace lives on.


We want to call to mind that legacy, the fight for peace, so that we inspire individuals to live more peacefully. We hope that these light hearted tees and trucker hats inspire people to be the change in the world, as Gandhi tasked us to do.


Grab a shirt or a cap and get ready to evoke smile, inspire questions, and spread love and peace wherever you go.


Tag us on social media @ilovegurus and @gandhiforpres and use the hashtags #gandhiforpres and #guruselfie – we’ll share your love on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

August 02, 2016