With Gurus, Every Purchase Plants a Tree

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Every Purchase Plants a Tree

Gurus works with Trees for the Future 

You hear us say it time and time again, “Every purchase plants a tree.” But have you ever wondered just how we are able or why we strive to do that? From our sandals, to our tanks, to our wish bracelets, not only is everything as sustainably sourced and as eco-friendly as entirely possible, but, they all plant a tree.   We take a portion of every sale and donate it to a stellar organization that is working to reforest the world.

Every Purchase Plants a tree

The Organization: Trees for the Future

After much research, many conversations and much deliberation, Gurus has chosen to work with an incredible organization called Trees for the Future, in order to plant our trees. We take a portion of every product that we sell and donate it to Trees for the Future. 

We appreciate your business, your choice to give us your hard earned dollars in exchange for our thoughtful products, and we want to make sure that we do right by you.  Trees for the Future allows us to do that. 



Well the first reason why we choose to plant trees is that we use these trees, and their natural resources to make our products. We want to make sure that replace what we take. The second reason is simple, it’s that we care. We care about the world and the way that we treat it. Trees for the Future does too.

Trees are an important resource and they're disappearing because for a number of reasons.  We're not okay with that.  They have the same desire to leave this world in better shape for the next generation, so that over time, we can see the world become revitalized.


The Mission: To Replant Heavily Deforested Areas and Educate Local Farmers

Trees for the Future works in heavily deforested areas of Asia and Africa to replant and replenish the trees. They do this for both the people and the environment, to help protect against landslides, drought, and protect the habit of wildlife. 

Along with planting the trees, and involving the locals in the planting efforts, Trees for the Future also educates local farmers and residents about sustainable practices. These farming techniques will help to ensure that these trees are allowed to grow and mature, rather than be cut back down again.

We are not solely focused on pedaling sandals or bent on selling yoga mats. Gurus exists to utilize ethical business practices in order to make a difference in our world.

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