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    We Are Committed to Complete Sustainability

    There's Nothing Complicated About It, we started Gurus to create sustainable products and make a difference.
    Made the Natural Way

    Our Process is the Freshest:

    Sustainably hand-harvested rubber is a representation of who we are, where we come from and our commitment to the environment. Every batch of Gurus contains natural rubber sustainably sourced from our family farms in India. Unlike traditional flip-flops and sandals that are made out of synthetic materials, we use natural rubber as our primary ingredient, making Gurus much better for the planet.

    "What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing
    to ourselves and one another."

    - Mahatma Gandhi
    Trees can save us

    Buy a Pair & Plant a Tree.

    Through our nonprofit partner, Trees for the future, we plant trees in the developing world, renourishing the environment and communities that create Gurus. We don’t just stop at planting trees, we make sure that local farmers receive training and education to maximize the benefits and lives of your trees.

    Trees clean and filter, removing sewage, farm chemicals and waste from soil and water.

    A mature leafy tree produces enough oxygen to support 10 people.

    Trees save water by providing shade and increase atmospheric moisture as they transpire.

    Trees provide food and economic opportunity for farmers throughout the world.
    Cutting Corners Isn't Our Style

    It took us over three years to create Gurus and protecting the environment goes beyond an eco-friendly flip-flop.
    We selected the most sustainable materials for every step