Gurus, Gourds, and Gandhi Hoodies - Gurus Gets ready for Fall

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Gurus, Gourds and Gandhi Hoodies

Gurus Gets Ready for Fall

Gurus Releases Gandhi for President Hoodie

Fall is here, and depending on where you live, you might already be feeling the colder temperatures.  If so, you might find yourself wearing your Gurus sandals a bit less, and reaching for warmer clothing options.  We've got you covered, with the much anticipated Gandhi for President hoodie! 

The light weight hoodie is every bit as soft as our other thoughtful threads, and printed with the same water based ink for sustainability.  This means that you can look and feel great while wearing it.  

Gurus, Gourds and Gandhi long sleeves, Gurus is getting ready for Fall

The Gandhi for President is the first in our line of hoodies, so be sure to check back and catch what comes next.  These hoodies are great to wear to and from the yoga studio, and even while warming up.  They also make the perfect accessory for running errands or meeting with friends.  And each one is so comfortable that you'll want to wear it just lounging around the house. 

Gandhi for President is a trademarked campaign that Gurus is running to call to mind the peaceful achievements and activism of the Indian hero, Mahatma Gandhi.  

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