Tips for Watching Tonight's Presidential Debate from Gurus

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Tips for watching the Presidential Debate

From Gurus

How to prep for the presidential debate from Gurus

Tonight’s Presidential Debate is sure to be a big to do, with emotions and tempers running high on both sides. But despite the tension, there are key points being discussed that affect us all. We won’t tell you which side to choose or who to vote for, but we can give you some tips for watching the debate that can help you get the most out of it.

Get Comfortable in your OM

Whether you are literally watching from your home or not, centering yourself with a few grounded OMs can make a big difference. Ground yourself and remind yourself of your connection with the much larger universe with this sacred reverberation.   Centering yourself can help you disassociate yourself from the candidate that you might already be supporting and watch them from a much more objective viewpoint. Staying objective during the Presidential Debate can help you better understand why you support this candidate and their stances on important issues.

Keep it positive

We all care deeply about the issues being discussed so it’s understandable that emotions can get out of check. When you are faced with someone who is worked up, or taking the opposite view point, treat them with love and keep it positive. Then sit back and watch it take effect. You’ll be amazed what can happen when you keep it positive and give love.

This is why we started our Gandhi for President movement.  We are forming a peaceful party of Gurus who want to see peace in our time.  Whomever you vote for this election, come join the party for peace with Gurus.  You can follow us @gandhiforpresident 

Try to gain a new perspective

Yup – we mean inversions. We’re going to talk literally and figuratively in this point. Literally we mean practice some inversions before the debate begins. Monday’s are long days and can be draining. Inversions are naturally energizing and can help you wake up and perk up before the debate. Figuratively we recommend that you place yourself in the viewpoint of someone who might disagree with you on an issue. This can help you to understand their point of view and therefore help you better communicate why you believe yours might be more positive or bring about more of an effect.


When undertaking a spiritual journey we are often counseled to journal, to record our thoughts and work through them, processing them and gaining more understanding. When making decisions about the fate of our country, its economy, its inner and outer peace, they should not be made lightly. You are bound to have complex thoughts regarding the issues and the potential outcomes. Journaling can be a helpful tool in understanding which decision is right for you personally, and can help you better communicate the reasons why.

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