Finally a Political Campaign You'll Love to Promote

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A Candidate You Can Dig

Gandhi for President


Kathryn Budig Digs Gandhi for PresidentSick and tired of political leaders who say one thing but do another? Who don’t seem too worried about you or your wellbeing? Well join us in the new campaign that everyone cannot get enough of….Gurus is writing in our own candidate this year. Gandhi for President!

All Joking Aside – The World Needs More Love

And who better to teach us the man who exuded love and worked tirelessly, giving of himself to share that love with others. Gandhi accomplished many great things, but he did all of them through love. Sometimes it feels like we are powerless to enact serious change in the world. But Gandhi taught us that small actions have the power to create big change. If you do everything through love, the world will change for the better.

So is this a serious thing?

While we can’t actually make the man president, we can use him as an example to teach others how to give love and be the change that we want to see in the world. By wearing this t-shirt or cap you are sending an important message to everyone that you encounter. You are telling them that love is the answer and there is a way to change the world for the better. So yes, this is a serious thing. It’s a movement that’s gaining momentum.


Will you join the movement?

You are an important part of this movement. We are asking you not to simply buy a t-shirt or spend your hard earned money with us. We are asking you through that purchase to join us in spreading love and peace throughout the world. Through wearing the shirt, or the hat, you are calling to people’s minds a great figure who changed the world through love and inspiring them to do the same. So join us, and this movement of peace, love and change.


Every purchase with Gurus makes a positive change in the world. A portion of our sales is donated to charities through the world to plant trees, promote sustainability and through charitable giving, make the world a better place. Your purchase with Gurus will not only inspire other’s to give love, to be the change for which they long, it will also make a physical impact on the health of our planet.

Drop us a note on our contact page and we'll ship you a kit of Gandhi Gear so that you can spread peace and love this election season. (US Only) 



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