Don't Forget Your Roots

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Don’t Forget Your Roots

Why it’s important to build your poses from the ground up

Why did we put Don’t Forget Your Roots on our mats? It’s more than just a clever Hashtag, It’s a meaningful reminder to stay grounded, take care of your feet and to build strong and sturdy yoga poses from the ground up. Staying grounded, it’s a way of life. Taking care of your feet, well that’s a way of health.   And building your yoga poses on a sturdy, supportive foundation, well’s a fundamental of asana (the physical or posturing limb of yoga). 

Why it's important to build your yoga poses from the ground up - I love Gurus

Don’t forget your roots!

Stay Grounded - Staying grounded has a lot of different meanings to a different people. For Gurus, it means staying connected to nature, maintaining a bond with a force beyond ourselves. The earth is a gift and we are its stewards. Through our efforts to plan one million trees, we keep ourselves connected, grateful and stay grounded.

Take Care of Your Feet – We’re not sure if its all of the modern ways to get around or a lack of toe touching abilities but more and more we are noticing that people are neglecting to take care of their feet. They might not seem like it, but feet are an important part of your body. Holding tension here can cause or increase tension else where in the body. Before yoga, before bed, take some time to take care of your feet. Stretch out the muscles and tendons, manipulate the feet to massage them and move them around a bit! We also highly suggest that you stop cramming them into uncomfortable shoes and try a pair the encourage health *cough, cough*

Take care of your feet in yoga with Gurus

Build Strong and Sturdy Yoga Poses – In the many standing poses, seated poses, transitions and even some poses where your feet aren’t touching the ground, they play an important role. When we first start practicing yoga we are taught to pay attention to our feet, to relax them and engage the entire foot as a sturdy platform to build upon…but as we step off of our mats or mature in our practice, we tend to for forget our feet. Don’t forget your roots! We are creating a series of blogs posts to focus on the importance of your feet and why it’s important to build your poses from the ground up.

Build Strong and sturdy yoga poses with Gurus

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