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While traveling the country and meeting with yogis and yoginis of all types, we have built a pretty epic group of Gurus Ambassadors. These guys and gals are so epic that we want to share them with you. Over the course of the year, we will be featuring different Gurus Ambassadors on the blog, sharing their thoughts on yoga, wellness, living a natural lifestyle, travel, and all kinds of other great things.


Become a Gurus Ambassador


Who are our Ambassadors?

It’s incredibly difficult to sum up our ambassadors because they are all so unique – but we’ll try! Gurus Ambassadors are people who live an active and healthy lifestyle that embraces our core principles as a company. We want to work with active guys and gals that strive to get the most out of life, while also making this world a better place.   These are people that we’ve met who really go for the gusto, who share their passion with others and seek to promote our products because of a true understanding of what Gurus is and is striving to accomplish.


Who can become an Ambassador? 

Because we offer discounted products to our ambassadors, we ask for a couple of pieces of information in return. To become a Gurus Ambassador, we ask that individuals and pairs have a strong and growing social media presence, a following with whom they can share our products, information about the community and engage new followers as they travel the world.

What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

As a Gurus Ambassador, you join a colorful community of yoga instructors, meditation mavens, wellness experts and more. All ambassadors receive a discount on Gurus products and branded discount code to share with their fans and followers. As Gurus travels to festivals like Wanderlust, we engage with local ambassadors and bring them with us to the event. As a Gurus Ambassador, it means that we are investing in you – sharing information about who you are and what drives you on our blog, featuring your posts in our yoga blog posts series and more!

How do I become an Ambassador? 

If you think you’d like to become a Gurus Ambassador, there is a quick and easy form that you can fill out here on our website. We’ll review your information and let you know if we think that we are a great fit! After that we’ll establish your discount code and start planning ways that we can work together to make this world a more beautiful and vibrant place.

Gurus Ambassadors work to inspire the world with every social media post. They are actively giving of themselves to teach, share, coach and more. We are so honored to work with each and every one of our ambassadors, and we want to share more about them with you. In the following blog post series we will be bringing you featured ambassadors, sharing links to their profiles so that you can engage with them and learning more about what drives them!

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