Namaste Away From Plastic

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Namaste Away From Plastic

With canvas totes from Gurus

Did you know that, despite your efforts to recycle your plastic grocery bags, they actually cause quite a headache for recycling plants.  One bag, getting caught in just the right spot in a conveyor belt, or one of the many moving mechanisms, can take down the entire system.  

Hey guys! It's Maggie, Marketing Manager for Gurus.  I've had the chance to walk the catwalks of a Waste Management facility in Philadelphia, and talk to the guys who run it.  They hate plastic bags.  Think Jim Carry as the Grinch, standing there hating the whos alphabetically - but replace every name with plastic bags.  From the bags you carry your fruits and veggies in, to those that tote your groceries home, and even those from your favorite stores, they all cause major problems during the recycling process.  Some of them can't even be recycled.  

So what can you do? 

Namaste away from plastic with the canvas tote from Gurus

Shout "namaste" and stay away from plastic bags, with the Namaste Tote from Gurus. Our canvas totes are printed with water based inks, which makes them an environmentally friendly solution to carry home your groceries, goods and gear.  

I keep this adorable little tote at the ready - in my car for those impromptu trips to Aldi.  Whether I'm stopping in for a few essentials, or know I'm going to come out with a haul, sustainable options are a must.  If we do not tell commercial retailers that we want something different, something better, they'll keep tucking along like it's business as usual.  

Every bag that you don't use is a vote against plastic.  Every time you put an apple, pomegranate, or passion fruit into your canvas tote instead of a plastic bag, people will take notice.  You're actions can be the conversation starter that inspires someone else to start living sustainably too.  The weather might be warming up, but we're out to create a snowball effect and save the planet. 

Join us, and take a stand for something we can all believe in.  Namaste away from plastic, and choose sustainable, alternatives.  Grab more Gurus gear and support our Kickstarter

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