I'm With Earth, Are You?

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I'm With Earth

Are you?

Join us and stand with Earth

We've Just Launched our Latest Kickstarter!  Our #ImWithEarth campaign is just getting starter, with this Kickstarter being our very first step towards improving the condition of the world that we are lucky enough to call home. 

#ImWithEarth is not a political campaign, but society call to action.  It's time that we opened our eyes and took a look at what was happening to the Earth.  It's time that we do something to stop the harm being caused to the most vital necessity.  Join Gurus, and stand with Earth.  

1. Support our Kickstarter. 

In doing so, you'll gain access to sustainably made gear from Gurus.  We offer all natural rubber sandals, thoughtful threads, natural yoga gear and more.  By supporting our Kickstarter and making a pledge, you are putting your money where you mouth is - and showing those you meet on the street, in the coffee shop, or on the bus during your commute, that all of our actions matter. 

2. Reflect.

Take a look at your life, and be mindful of what you buy, or throw away on a daily basis.  The items that we purchase, directly affect the things that we throw away.  Is there another option that we can choose? Might we recycle something that we've otherwise thrown away? Can we walk or take a bike or bus to complete one of our recurring errands? All of the little choices that you make can add up to one heck of a difference. 

3. Learn

There's always something to learn, especially when it comes to products, packaging, recycling and environmental impact.  We can't sit here and say that what we do doesn't matter because other countries offset our actions any longer.  We can't say that it's too expensive to make positive choices.  The choices are ours to make, and the time to make them is now. 

Here's a link to our Kickstarter - so that you can join us, and pledge to stand with our Mother Earth. 


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