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    Gurus Means Sustainability

    Gurus Means Sustainability

    A Name You Can Trust

    Gurus Means Sustainability

    When we travel around to festivals, attend or sponsor yoga events, people love to get their hands on our gear.  They love to touch, feel and literally smell our products.  And it's no surprise to us!

    Gurus Means Sustainability

    Gurus strives to use all natural materials in our products.  It's just one way that we show that how we're with earth.  We go through an extensive search for the materials that we select for our sandals, yoga mats and blocks, and other gear.  Our founder Prem, has traveled far and wide in search of the right materials, from the right farms to make sure that we deliver the right product for you. 

    This means that there is no strong smell that you get with other, more synthetic products.  With all of our gear, you get a product that supports you, looks as good as it feels and that you can trust. 

    Finding the natural materials though, isn't where our hard work ends.  These farms must also use sustainable farming practices in the harvesting of the materials.  We refuse to be the cause of deforestation, soil erosion and the myriad of detrimental impacts that other farming and harvesting methods can have. 

    Gurus, a name you can trust.

    Gurus partners with an organization called Trees for the Future, plant a tree for every product purchased, meaning that we put back more natural resources than we use in our products.  This nonprofit also works to teach sustainable farming practices in the regions where they are planting their trees, further extending the impact that our products make. 

    Gurus means sustainability, for the trees that we tap, for the farms with whom we work, all the way to the factories that produce our gear.  Our founder has personally visited the factories to make sure that we are supporting fair trade, workers rights, and to avoid horrible practices like child labor.  

    Support our Kickstarter for our latest campaign - #ImWithEarth and help us take our mission as high as the tree tops.