Self-Owned Business Women by Courtney Parnell

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Self-Owned Business Women

By: Courtney Parnell

Courtney Parnell has found her passion and her home in starting her own business, and in doing so, ignite the passions of others through Limitless SUP Yoga. 

Courtney Parnell, Founder of Limitless SUP Yoga on Gurus

Would you believe me, if I told you that I went from being a stay at home mom for seven years, to owning two businesses, with four different locations in two different states, all within a two year period? Probably not, at least not if I didn’t have the credentials to show for it.  

Thanks to social media platforms and the internet you can easily scroll through my feed or google my name to see my personal growth and success. It didn’t come easy. I can assure you of that. In fact, it was one big chaotic swirling ball of fire, filled with every emotional roller coaster you could possibly think of. But it was my ball of fire and I was bound and determined to harness its energy no matter what it took, and let me just share with you the truth… it took every last breath in me to come full circle and make it successful and at the very end I nearly gave up.

Thankfully through it all I acquired a team which helped lift a ton of weight a newly young business woman is destined to feel. A team came directly to me without me ever having to reach out, which was one of the first moments I knew I had something good. Some of them had good intentions and are still with me to this day and others, not so much.

Gurus Guest Blogger Courtney Parnell of Limitless SUP Yoga Shares her story

The First Lesson I Learned:

Who is there for you and who is there for themselves and the best piece of advice I received from my most appreciated mentor is this: “No employee is better than a bad employee.”

Others wanted what I had for themselves even though it wasn’t their path they did everything in their power to make believe it was. Now, I have a soft heart and wanted to share my company with others, but the minute I let them into my ball of fire and showed them its possibilities, was the minute they began draining me and showing their true colors. After months of allowing their presence in my business I began realizing as did those closest to me, that they were the reason majority of the chaos was happening. I removed them and it’s been smooth sailing since.

The Second Lesson: Having a pure Heart

I’ve formulated a way to turn my passion into my lifestyle and make a living off of it so of course others are going to be after it as well, but the difference between me and them? Having a pure heart. My intentions were set for growth and community. I want us all to become limitless together so I work from sun up to sundown every single day making that possibility come to life. I put in the time -blood sweat and tears- hard work –never ending hours and travels- and consistency –compassion loyalty and happiness to each of our partners- to build my platform and now I own and operate three successful locations in three major cities in Texas with the launch of our fourth location coming in May 2017.

It’s a handful to type and a mouthful to say, but it was my vision, and I brought it to life along with the ability to provide yoga teachers across the country with teaching opportunities and ways to make a decent income off of it. I never wanted it all for myself, but what I do ask for is loyalty from those I share it with and in our mission statement I created for my first company and the one I have been speaking of, Limitless SUP Yoga LLC, it states as follows: “We are a yogi business, not a business yogi. Our practice, our happiness will always come first and therefore we will always succeed.” This statement came from another business partnership I was meddling in over a project that has taken three years to seal the deal. This individual I was potentially launching my idea with looked at me and said “you’re a yogi business and I’m a business yogi” and he wasn’t even a yogi. He was trying to take the reigns on my concept and put me down a peg or two so he could have the upper hand and I ended up turning it down and walking away from a $3,500.00 investment building my own studio background for the website subscription I wanted to launch.

It wasn’t the right time and I damn sure wasn’t about to go into business with some who called himself a business yogi, and wasn’t even a yogi. Which leads us into my second business, Courtney Parnell Yoga LLC.

Guest Blogger and Gurus Ambassador, Courtney Parnell on the Blog.

A Quick Recap:

Limitless SUP Yoga came first because I was sought out by the largest paddle board maker in the world, SUP ATX, and we broke a world record together for largest yoga class on water with 173 yogis at sunrise on my 26th birthday. It launched me internationally as one of the only known paddle board yoga instructors in the SUP yoga capital of the world, Austin, TX. I was put at the top of every google search result and received students from across the country traveling to Austin; which is why this company took first priority. It took me a year to fully develop Limitless with our partners and I’m happy to announce we’re going into our second season with our first SUP YTT in March. You can check out all the details on our website if you are interested in becoming a paddle board yoga instructor. Also, if you take our teacher training we provide the option to contract with our team. Not a bad deal if you ask us!

Now that I have created a company which can grow a community, it is finally time to share how I went from having absolutely nothing to creating my own career in a corporate driven world and becoming a successful woman entrepreneur in a two year timeframe. It began with a passion five years ago that changed my life, opened my vision to a world of possibilities and gave me the strength and knowledge I have today to share with like-minded souls seeking a way to fulfill their true purpose in life. It’s simple really, but I can repeat words over and over and over again and drain my own energy breaking down your walls to see the light on the other side or I can show you virtually how you can manifest and breathe your dreams to life. Which is exactly what Courtney Parnell Yoga LLC is all about.

You Can Do It Too

I am creating a channel –a website subscription using the 8 limbs of yoga to open your mind and stimulate your brain. I want to show you that what you seek is truly seeking you and my dharma, my personal purpose in life is to help you build the bridge you are needing to get to the other side, the forbidden side of everything you have ever been told growing up that doesn’t matter. We’ve all be shunned underneath a rug and taught in schools and by our parents things we are “suppose” to do rather than what we feel and know deep down inside what our soul is seeking.

The unknown, the doubt and anxiety is present but there are ways to overcome these obstacles with patience, persistence and control. A mantra I used to make it through my tunnels of darkness that has led me to my brightest light and this is only a glimpse of the tools I have received that I will be sharing with all of you. What it will all come down to is you. Are you ready to build your bridge and cross over onto the next journey of your life where your happiness is what matters the most? Are you ready to let go of the things holding you back from your truest power and how far are you willing to let your heart lead you? Only time will tell and I’m grateful to have reached a point in my personal life and career to build this platform for all of you. It will be the hardest journey you’ve ever endured but it’s time you found your own ball of fire. I’m here for you, fully committed to becoming the voice of encouragement to help you build your bridge and begin taking the first steps to crossing it. All you will need to do is put in the time. The hard work and the consistency to bringing your dreams to life and living them to the absolute fullest. Join me in March 2017 for the launch of Courtney Parnell Yoga to begin your own journey.

It’s been waiting for you.

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