Cork is the New Mat

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Cork Is The New Mat

And this year, you deserve an all natural cork yoga mat. 

Not all yoga mats are created the same.  Gurus Roots Yoga Mat is an all natural cork and rubber bottom yoga mat that is malleable, durable and grip-able.  And while it is washable, the cork's natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties means that you won't need to spend money on mat cleaners any more.  

Gurus All Natural Cork Roots Yoga Mat

Rugged and Durable

While we believe all people are created equal, yoga mats are not.  The Roots Cork Yoga Mat from Gurus is made to last.  We've torture tested our mats, playing with our dogs on the mats, practicing in the pouring rain in the mountains on our mats.  And they've held up incredibly well. 

All Natural

The cork and rubber in our mats is naturally sourced, meaning our cork yoga mats are chemical free.  You won't be greeted by a synthetic smell every chaturanga dandasana when you're on our Roots Mat.  

The Roots Cork Yoga Mat is all natural


Quite possibly one of our favorite features of this mat (how can choose though?) is that our mats actually grip better with moisture.  While other mats magically turn into a slip and slide as you start sweating, the Roots Yoga Mat from Gurus holds firm.  Like we mentioned before, we've even practiced on this mat n the pouring rain and it held us like a dream. 

This makes our yoga mats perfect for heated studio classes, hot sunny days, or those who just sweat a good're not alone. 

Gurus Cork Yoga Mats grip better with moisture

Cool As A Cucumber

The cork doesn't absorb heat in the sun, which makes it ideal for taking your practice outdoors.  While dark rubber mats can become hot to the touch and make your yoga uncomfortable, our cork yoga mat is cool as cucumber.  Feel free to take your mat to Wanderlust, or to your backyard and enjoy the great outdoors. 

The Gurus Cork Yoga Mat won't absorb heat from the sun



The added layer of rubber underneath the mat not only makes the cork yoga mat more flexible, it adds a supportive layer, cushioning joints in kneeling postures, and making it great for partner or acro yoga.  

Gurus Roots mats are supportive and great for acro or partner yoga

Dual Sided

Not sweating a ton, or just miss the feel of a rubber mat? You can easily flip our all natural mat over and use the rubber side for a bit.  This is great for yin yoga classes, or during gentle warmups.  

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