Chair Pose, or Utkatasana, is a great pose for strengthening your thighs, ankles, calves, and spine. Utkata means powerful, or fierce, but sometimes we don't always feel Beyoncé fierce in Chair. So today I'll share with you some Chair pose basics as well as a fun and helpful way to use a block to modify Chair.



     You'll need one block for this. Don't have a block? That's okay! Just use something that is a similar size, like a book. Really focus on squeezing the block in between your thighs so it doesn't fall. Come into Mountain Pose, or Tadasana, taking your block and place it in between your thighs, about mid-thigh. Take a big inhale, reaching your arms up over head and as you exhale, bend into your knees, working your thighs towards the floor.

     Allow your weight to shift into your heels and make sure you can pick up all ten toes. If you cannot pick up all ten toes, work towards moving your tail bone down towards the floor. Continue to squeeze onto the block and notice if you feel any different sensations in the pose. Let your belly button pull in towards your spine and your shoulder blades to feel strong. Keeping your shoulders down and back away from your ears, focus on reaching your arms up high with your palms facing each other. If there is any pain with reaching your arms over head, try bringing your hands together at heart center and firmly press them together to continue to keep the arms active and building strength. Stay here for five to seven deep breaths, then take a Forward Fold on your following exhale.