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So We Finally Have a New Website and a Blog

Its been about a year and a half since we launched Gurus and we thought it was about time for a new website and a blog. But those aren't the only things we have been working on. At this time last year our sandals were very new and only in about 5 retail store. Right now you can find them in about 60 locations in 8 countries! We are also launching several new styles of Gurus sandals, with more coming in the next few weeks!

We have had a lot of support from Kickstarter backers, fans and Gurus ambassadors over the past year and are introducing a new product: the Roots Cork Yoga Mat. This is an amazing product that is not only natural and sustainable like our sandals, it is really the only yoga mat you need. For those of you that do Bikram/hot yoga, you won't need to use a towel anymore with our new mat. 

Check out our Kickstarter to learn more and preorder your new cork yoga mat today. We could use your help spreading the word so please click these links to share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1cNpVWM and Twitter: http://bit.ly/1H0T5cn For our Kickstarter each mat comes with a jute yoga bag!

Looking forward to sharing more on our new blog.

-Prem & Joe

April 15, 2015