Root Deeper, Fly Higher and Find Stability with the Gurus Cork Yoga Block

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Root Deeper, Fly Higher, and Find Stability

In Your Yoga Postures, with the Gurus Cork Yoga Block

Every so often during a yoga class, you'll hear the teacher call out to "grab a block for this pose".  Yoga blocks are great tools that can help make postures easier, or make that next level of the pose possible for you.  If you don't have the Gurus all natural cork yoga block, you need to grab one for yourself today.  And you're in luck, because through the end of this month, all cork yoga mats come with a free cork yoga block from Gurus. 

Gurus All Natural Cork Yoga Block

What makes the Gurus Cork Yoga Block Different? 

It's made by Gurus.  Seriously, it's make by people who practice yoga, for people who practice yoga.  We want the very best aids to help in our yoga practice, and spent the time to develop a block that was unique.  

We stand on, not by our blocks

The Gurus Cork Yoga Block is a light weight but sturdy little thing.  You can literally stand on your block, to make accessing postures like crow a bit easier.  Have you tried standing on a foam block before? They can be a bit flexible under your full weight, making balancing a bit tricky.  The Gurus Cork Yoga Block is a sturdy support that you can feel confident using. 

Root Deeper with the Cork Yoga Block from Gurus

Get a grip

Because our cork yoga blocks are made from an all natural and sustainably sourced cork material, you can feel strong and confident in your grip on our blocks.  Cork repels moisture, rather than letting is sit between you and the block.  This makes your grip on our blocks while you're sweating even stronger.  So go ahead, wipe the sweat off your forehead, and reach for our blocks.  


For every purchase, Gurus plants a tree to help make sure that we are replenishing the natural materials that we use to make our products.  The cork and rubber is also sustainably sourced, to make sure that come this time next year, that tree we harvested from is still standing.  Sustainability, along with durability is at the heart of everything that we do. 

Don't just believe us - listen to our ambassadors who use the block in their practice

Sandra Thornburg 
"I highly recommend the Gurus cork yoga block.  Not only is it great for modifications, it is awesome for variations and sturdy enough to assist in weight-bearing exercises.  Plus, I always feel great using a product that is eco-friendly." 

Carlee Benear loves Gurus Cork Yoga Block

Carlee Benear
"The block was so much more than I expected.  It is sturdy and I can place confidence in it like I would myself.  A great match for beginner, intermediate and advanced practice, it's got you covered."

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