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Roots Cork Yoga Mat

Experience the second generation of Roots, our non-slip cork yoga mat. This is the only mat you'll ever need. Roots is designed to be used on both sides and features a natural, waterproof and antimicrobial cork top, backed by an open-cell, dual-use natural rubber bottom partially sourced from our family rubber farms in Kerala, India. Our second generation has more cushion, weighs less, is more durable and easier to roll and travel with than our first generation. The mat measures 72 inches x 25 inches.

The no-slip cork surface of roots actually improves as your mat becomes more wet. You'll never have to use a towel during your hot yoga practice again! Our mats are naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean, so don't worry about them getting too funky!

Like our sandals, when you buy a mat, we plant a tree in the developing world through a partnership with Trees for the Future. Each mat is printed with Gurus logo and tag line: Don't Forget Your Roots.


Roots is made from a natural cork top and a primarily natural rubber backing attached with a layer of non-toxic adhesive and fabric. The cork side of Roots is all natural and sustainably sourced. The rubber side is a open-cell, dual-use natural rubber bottom partially sourced from our family rubber farms in Kerala, India. With roots, you'll never have to use a towel during hot yoga or worry about slipping, cork actually becomes grippier when its wet!
Our second generation of cork mats is much more durable than the first, here are a few care instructions though:
1. Roll it cork side out keep your mat laying flat.
2. Do not leave in your car or very hot places for long periods of time.
3. After a sweaty practice let your mat dry out before storing for long periods of time. Do not store your mat unless completely dry.
Cork is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, so you should not need to clean Roots after every practice. Dirt may penetrate the surface, but it should not affect performance. To clean your mat: 
1. Hose down both sides with water. Feel free to use a few drops of mild soap or a mat cleaner. If using a mat cleaner test on part of the mat. Mat cleaners with essential oils may stain your mat, but should not affect the surface performance. If you don't need to clean your entire mat just spot clean it.
2. Let your mat dry out completely. You can drape it over a chair or lay it flat on the floor.

All mats come shipped in awesome boxes that make great presents.

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