Cheap Flimsey Plastic Flip-Flops Might Be Slowly…KILLING You!

(& Here’s What To Do About It)

Your cheap rubber flip-flops might be slowly leaking poisonous toxic chemicals into you every day slowly killing you.

Did you know…  That cheap flip-flops are made from crude oils which slowly seep into your skin from your feet and slowly poison you?


That synthetic rubber or cheap flip-flops make up most of the trash polluting our oceans and land?

A large portion of cheap plastic flip-flops ends up in our oceans and landfills. These flip-flops can take up to 1000 years to degrade, but unfortunately, don’t break down completely but instead become microplastics that absorb toxins and continue to pollute the environment.

For years companies have been getting away with creating cheap, mass-produced flip-flops that are terrible for the environment (AND not to mention the fact that they don’t even stay on your feet.)

Cheap flip-flops and plastic products are made from crude oils that can slowly seep into your skin slowly poisoning you… Not to mention the terrible effects on the environment when a large spill happens.

So we decided to put a stop to it! We created Gurus.

These brilliant new flip-flops are actually the world’s first non-trip pair of flip-flops designed right here in the USA!

Down here in Florida in fact!

So What Makes These Flip-Flops So Good? And Cheap Plastic Flip-Flops So Bad?

Well first of all let me tell you why we had to make Gurus-

Our founder Prem Thomas was on a family holiday to his hometown in India. But he was just so… Shocked by all the pollution and waste that he saw. But as most of us feel, felt powerless to do something...

During a visit to an antique shop, he stumbled upon an old wooden ancient Indian sandal, the ones worn by Gandhi. Intrigued and inspired by its beauty and culture he took it with him and pondered about it on his way home.

Our founder Prem Thomas, holding a pair of Gurus & the old ancient Indian wooden sandal.

Prem’s family are actually generational rubber farmers and he wanted to take a day to learn about his heritage and culture.

And that’s when…  The idea for Gurus was born. Inspired by the ancient Indian sandal from earlier, he set out to create and design something beautiful. A modern twist on an ancient Indian classic.

The flip-flop Americans have all come to know and love… Gurus and a way for Prem to share his country & his families culture

Prem Thomas harvesting rubber for Gurus.

So Why Are People World Wide Loving Gurus?

Born out of a need to reduce cheap plastic flip-flops and their impacts on the environment, Gurus are sustainably farmed from our family farms, these rubbers are 100% natural and non-toxic. - 

Should a pair of Gurus ever end up in landfill, they will break down naturally. But what about the trees we use to farm our rubbers? 

Well, they don’t actually get cut down. We use a process called rubber tapping that has been passed down within our family for generations.

So How Are Gurus Different To Traditional Flip Flops?

Well first of all Gurus, were actually made to stay on your feet! They are actually the world's first non-trip & non-slip flip-flop! Dancing, running, jumping, we promise Gurus will always stay on your feet and never fall off!


Well, it’s because of their unique and cute design! You see the signature strap we added is adjustable and locks Gurus into place. Just twist the plugs on the base of the flip-flop to move the strap further up your ankle, or further down.

Also… Gurus are super comfortable (We even guarantee them to be the comfiest flip-flop you’ve ever worn or we’ll give you, your money back!) With almost 2 cm of soft, natural, plush rubbers Gurus will stay comfortable all day.

And best of all?

Thanks to their cute design & many colors. Gurus instantly turns any daggy outfit, classy!

What other reasons are people all over the globe loving Gurus?

  • Gurus come in all your fave colors! (Our personal fave is Chai) - Boring ol’ traditional flip-flops just come in the 1 color… Boring old black,

  • They don’t make those annoying fliping or floping sounds when walking,

  • All products at Gurus are made with 100% eco-friendly materials AND Earth-friendly packaging,

  • We always do free returns or exchanges within 30 days if you don’t LOVE your new pair of Gurus or simply get a wrong size. 

  • We don’t cut down any trees to farm our natural rubbers

So how do Gurus look on your feet?

Remember how when you were younger you used to LOVE being fun, unique & different? 

Get back in touch with your quirky self! Oh! And best of all?! 

You get to show off your pedicures and be totally cute!

With Gurus being so cute and fun! Thousands of Americans & people worldwide are flocking to Gurus.

Keep reading to find out how you can try a pair of Gurus Absolutely Risk-Free! With our 30-Day comfort guarantee!

So... how can I get a pair of Gurus?

For a limited time you can enjoy 30% OFF your first purchase at Gurus by leaving your fave email below!

Gurus want to make sure their customers are 1000% happy which is why we want everyone to try our products absolutely risk-free with a full 30 days of FREE returns & exchanges, no questions asked.

And the pollution from earlier?

Well, we partnered with an organization called “Trees For The Future” that plants a tree for you on your behalf, where they are needed most.

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