CEO, prem harvesting rubber

Buy a product, we plant a tree

Creating a truly sustainably company

sustainably sourcing, thoughtful design and love for the planet

The planet is at the heart of what we do and where we come from

Fresh From family farms

Listen to your heart

Even if it takes you all the way to India

Fresh is the way to go

We source our rubber in part from our family farms in Kerala, India and get cork from farms in Portugal. The harvesting of both of these materials doest not harm them and actually stimulates demand.

Buy a product, we plant a tree

How it works:


You purchase a Gurus product from our website or retailers around the world.


We tally up the number of sandals sold and make donations to out nonprofit oartners, covering the cost of the tress.


We provide seeds, saplings and training to communities in need, ultimately creating a sustainable food source.


As your tree grows, so do its benefits to the environment and community that cares for it.