Seed Cork Yoga Block

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Our Natural Cork Yoga Block, Seed, is the perfect complement to your Roots Cork Yoga Mat. This block never gets slippery when wet and has a super comfortable texture. The 4x6x9 inch dimensions are perfect to give you some extra stretch or allow for better position for yogi's who are not as flexible. The round edges of our block make it more comfortable for holding during yoga class.

Front side features Gurus logo and rear shows has our signature G symbol.

- Thick & comfortable. Our Roots yoga mat is our flagship mat. You're guaranteed to have your best practice yet. 

- Spacious: 72 Inches long. Plenty of room practice and you'll never run out of room on our Roots yoga mat. 

- Our yoga & exercise mats are super grippy like seriously grippy! Wet or dry! 

- Clean and anti-microbial - Cork is naturally anti-bacterial and clean.

- 100% plant-based cork that is ethically & sustainably sourced from our family farms in India. 

- Dual-sided: A natural, waterproof and antimicrobial cork top, backed by an open-cell, dual-use natural rubber bottom

Our premium roots yoga mat measures 72 inches x 25 inches and is about 5mm thick.

With Gurus your covered. We know ordering footwear online can be tricky. So we offer free exchanges within 30 days if you get a wrong size, or decide Gurus are just not for you.

Plant a Tree
Family Farmed & Owned
Sustainably Sourced & Grown
Earth-Friendly Materials
Free Exchanges
Plant a Tree
Family Farmed & Owned
Sustainably Sourced & Grown
Earth-Friendly Materials
Free Exchanges

super grippy. like seriously grippy

Tired of slipping on flimsy plastic yoga mats? Try a Gurus Cork Yoga Mat we promise you'll never slip again.

Sustainably sourced


Our Cork is sustainably and ethically sourced from farms in Portugal, the trees are never cut, we only harvest the bark. We also like to give back whenever a yoga mat is sold, so we plant a tree on your behalf ❤️

Everything you need to know about our yoga products

well maybe not ever... But our cork yoga mats actually get grippier during an intense sweaty yoga practice. So you'll never have to bring a towel again to your yoga practice.

Good thing about cork is that it's naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

After a intense yoga session you should leave your yoga mat out to air dry.

Hose down both sides with water. Feel free to use a few drops of mild soap or a mat cleaner. If using a mat cleaner test on part of the mat. Mat cleaners with essential oils may stain your mat, but should not affect the surface performance. If you don't need to clean your entire mat just spot clean it.

Let your mat dry out completely. You can drape it over a chair or lay it flat on the floor.

Our yoga mats may be in a folded position for a few months so it may take a week or two for them to return to their natural flat state.

Best thing to do is to lay them out flat for a new days under a matress or with some weight on top and they will return to their natural flat form :)

We see this in the comments from time to time, but honestly Gurus have not recieved a single complaint about people getting cramps from walking in Gurus.

Good question you can check this page here

Every product at Gurus comes with our 30-day Gurus Guarantee. This means if you don’t LOVE our products or simply get the wrong size, we do FREE exchanges within 30 days!

The story behind gurus

"On a trip to visit my family in India, I came across an old ancient wooden sandal, I loved the design and history. Inspired, Gurus was soon born. Made with sustainably sourced rubbers from our family farms and every pair crafted with love. Gurus are a way for us to share our culture with you" - Our Founder Prem Thomas harvesting rubber

buy a product, plant a tree

Without trees Gurus wouldn't exist. So as our way of saying thanks to Mother Nature we plant a tree on your behalf for every pair of Gurus sold.

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