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Sprout Mat Misprint Warehouse Sale

Oops we printed too many Sprout Travel Mats for a giveaway so you get them for over 50% off! This is the same as our $50 sprout yoga mat, but has an additional logo printed for a sponsored giveaway. (No returns and exchanges on Warehouse Sale items)

Sprout is a high quality, sustainability and durable travel cork yoga mat. We took our awesome premium cork yoga mat and made a lighter more affordable version. Sprout features the same thin layer of sustainably sourced cork, but a  lighter, thinner, and latex free backing. This mat is only 2 lbs and rolls up tighter making it perfect for travel! This mat measures 72 inches x 25 inches and is just over 4mm thick,

The no-slip cork surface is better than any foam or rubber yoga mat. As moisture builds up between your hands, feet, or body and the surface of the yoga mat, it actually gets grippier so you’ll never slip during your practice, even without a towel!

Cork is also naturally antimicrobial, meaning no funky odors or will build up in your mat. Just spray it with water or your favorite mat cleaner, wipe it down and allow it to air dry. 

Don't forget to add one of our Vine Sling Straps to your order for easy carry and a stretch!