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It Comes Straight from the Heart

A place so beautiful it’s often called “God’s Own Country.
Our Roots are Planted in Kerala, India

In this environment, sometimes called God’s Own Country because of its lush beauty, we found the perfect place to sustainably source the rubber for Gurus: our family farms. As children on trips to visit family in India, we learned about rubber production and even made rubber soccer balls to play with.
Quite a coincidence...
Gurus Tries to Keep it All in the Family

Each pair of Gurus contains a portion of rubber fresh from our family farms in India. These farms have been passed down through generations and remain a source of income for some of our relatives. Sourcing rubber from India is our way of sharing our culture with you.

Timeless Design

Our design is influenced by thousands of years of Indian heritage. We think our take is on the original sandal worn by Gandhi, is a beautiful blend of ancient history and modern style. Not only will your Gurus turn heads, but they’ll stay on better than any flip-flops you own. We promise!